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With the advances in web technology, videos on the web have gained more and more popularity. This has increased the importance of video optimization. Rather than posting plain content, it is important that a website has a wide variety of content. Online videos are a good way to add variety to a website. In order to bring more visibility to a website, it’s crucial to get good search engine rankings for the videos posted on it. Our video optimization services help you with this and many other techniques to optimize your videos.

Video SEO

Video search engine optimization is a service our team is trained in. We ensure that your videos get the maximum customer views by employing the following techniques.

Since videos are effective link baits, they deserve the most relevant keywords and catchy titles. Helpful, informative pieces and humorous clips form a good way to get more links to a website.

The videos need to be tagged with relevant keywords, terms and phrases that might be searched on the web by users. They need relevant file names as well.

Creating video site-maps makes it easy for search engines and users to discover videos that are on your website.

Video Usability

How the videos you post relate to your overall website content is very important. The videos should not just be optimized for more views but also to be in sync with the theme of the website.

The videos should not be more than 5 minutes in length. Audiences will pay attention to your content only if you say or show it in as little time as possible. Videos that are long load slowly and may lead to users getting tired of waiting and leaving the page.

The video clips should be relevant to the site or the page they are posted on. They should exist to enhance the experience of the users by providing interesting or helpful information.

It is better if the videos come with a transcript on the page where the video is located. This is good for both SEO and accessibility reasons. It is helpful for users who are hearing impaired as they will have difficulty hearing the audio of the video. Transcribing the video optimizes it for such users. Transcripts also aid search engines in finding that video and getting it better rankings on the web.

If the video content is original, it is advisable to include the company logo with it to establish your rights on it. Many techniques can be used to accomplish this, such as watermarks of the company logo on a corner of the video or displaying the logo at the end and beginning of the content. This prevents the content from being stolen.

It is useful to allow users with the option to rate the videos, or “Tweet”, “Share” and “Like” it on social media platforms. These steps help the videos rank better as search engines recognize such social signals.